Cheese wedding cake

A Gourmage Cheese Wedding Cake

General Charles de Gaulle once asked, “How does one govern a country that has 246 varieties of cheese?” He was only referring to the official versions, as France alone has approximately one thousand distinct cheeses. Then there’s Italy, the UK, the US, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland to contend with, to name just a few.

That’s where we come in.  At Gourmage you not only have the opportunity to taste a few cheeses before making your selection, we encourage it.  After all, how else will you know the difference between a Saint Albray (pungent) and a Saint Andre (buttery)?

While our focus is on the many cheeses available here at Gourmage, we also turn our attention to great wines, delicious chocolates, and a few hard-to-find gourmet grocery items. We also make our own marshmallows, ice cream, bacon jam, salad dressings, and more — and we have a salt and sugar bar.  We serve a light lunch from 11 to 2, and make everything we can from scratch.

Gourmage is about 40 miles south of Austin, and approximately 30 miles north of San Antonio.  We are the only cheese between Austin and the Border, which makes us the only cheese shop in South Texas.  So if you’re ever traveling around the San Antonio area, or to New Braunfels proper,  stop by and see us — you’ll be glad you did.